Reading Weeks

Ever heard of reading weeks where you’ve one or two weeks just to read certain sections of the textbooks or do some research online? These are like holidays where you’re given some days away from the classrooms. One important thing you need to know about universities in the UK, is that they prefer lectures, rather than giving reading assignments to students. This is different from the universities in the USA and other countries with different educational systems. In most UK universities, a lecturer will give notes and explain various concepts. But there’s a growing trend, where some universities are adopting the ‘Reading Weeks’ academic structures, especially in arts subjects. Arts subjects tend to have longer reading lists when compared to other topics. This is not just a perfect opportunity to relax and explore the country. You use this time to read the provided assignment and, possibly, complete tasks, which contribute to your end-term exam. Reading weeks usually come in the middle of the first term or semester. This is the last week of October or the first week of November. As reading becomes more and more popular, you want to complete reading the assignments quickly to save time for other important matters.