University Preparation in the UK

At the age of 16, after compulsory education, students may decide to continue with school at a higher level or not. As a parent, you would already know what your child is good at. And you may help them choose their career path wisely. Advanced Level examinations (A-Levels) are required for university entry in the United Kingdom.

Following the secondary school education, there are three or four subjects students are required to specialise in if they want to gain entry into a university. These subjects usually define what you want, or your child wishes to do, at the university. It takes two years to study and pass these subjects. At the end of the first year, each student sits for the A- Level examinations, after which they continue with their chosen subjects in the second year.

They then convert the subjects into full A-Level qualifications. But what are A-Level examinations? These are higher level preparation examinations which are recognised in all UK universities and other global institutions. And ultimately, your child must pass these exams if they want to enter a higher education level institution.