The Importance Of A Good School Intranet

In modern times educational environments will often place an emphasis on digital communication. Computers may be used to store student information, complete assignments, access curriculum information and allow teaching staff to communicate with each other.

However, allowing these establishments to have full access to the internet can be dangerous. It exposes students to a plethora of harmful material. This is one of the main reasons why many schools instead opt for an intranet system. The best company to obtain this from is Omnia. Their intranet product is ideal for both pupils and teachers. When utilising it people will notice several important benefits.

Monitoring The Digital Workplace

The head of the school will naturally want to ensure that their digital environment is safe for the children accessing it. This is where the system provided by becomes particularly robust. It gives the administrator a plethora of governing tools. This allows them to shape the intranet to suit the goals and ethos of the school. Managing the content and applications is simple to do.

Sharing Information Between School Staff

Communication is the backbone of any good school. The day to day office life will run much smoother if the information sharing system is efficient. Omnia intranet is designed to be used for both straightforward and complex situations. This will mean it ends up appealing to a wide range of different schools. It can even be accessed via smartphones, allowing staff to communicate whilst out of the office.

An Effective User Interface

People who work in educational environments may feel that there is not enough time in the day. There may not be many hours spare to learn how to use a new intranet system. The school will therefore need one that has a very effective and intuitive user interface. This is certainly the case for the system provided by Omnia.