Remote Learning; the New Normal

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, British university students have grown accustomed to doing much of their learning online. But while remote learning is intended to keep us safe, it also comes with a handful of drawbacks.

For example, some students find it much harder to focus at home amid the inevitable household clutter, than they do in a more formal classroom setting. That’s why many students (and parents) have turned to House Doctor to create home-study environments more conducive to online learning.

Upbeat Décor

House Doctor offers a wide range of attractive furniture and interior-decoration accessories that will both soothe your mind and brighten your study-space. From table lights and comfy lounge chairs to sumptuous pillows and laundry baskets, House Doctor has everything the meticulous student needs to improve his or her concentration.

After all, studies have found that a well-ordered, stress-free environment can improve students’ focus by as much as 50 per cent. This means they can listen to their professor longer, thus absorbing more information, than they would in an untidy, less attractive setting.

So before you attend that next big lecture online, be sure to check out House Doctor’s student-friendly product line to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your remote learning experience.