How to Write Perfect Motivational Letter For University Admission

Most UK universities require people who are seeking admission to write a motivational letter on why they should be considered. This is sometimes called a statement of purpose. Most students struggle with coming up with a good motivational letter that can convince the admission committee to give them a chance. Here is a guide on how to write the perfect motivational letter:

Make it unique and honest

Avoid the mistake of looking for a generic letter online and trying to customise it. Chances are that admission offices in most top universities have encountered an almost similar letter. Write from your heart. Tell them your truth and make sure you sound authentic. This does not mean you should come up with a sob story in an attempt to sound desperately in need of admission. The university will know and probably blacklist you. Do not hire someone to write for you the letter as it is unethical. The worst mistake you can make is to plagiarise your letter of motivation.

Write and edit later

One of the reasons why students who are pursuing higher education get frustrated while writing their personal statements is because they are waiting to come up with a masterpiece. Just start writing. Do a rough draft and edit after you are done. Ignore the self-doubt that keeps whispering that it is not good enough. After you write, you can give someone close to you to read and correct.

Observe Deadlines

Most universities in the UK always have deadlines for you to submit your application. Most of them have an online portal where everything is loaded. Keep the deadline in mind and do not wait until the last minute before you start the process.

Make sure that you have read and understood what is required of you. There are some universities that want your letter to touch on your academic skills, research, or leadership ability. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid being disqualified.