Creating a Welcoming Classroom

Classroom’s can be daunting places to enter, especially for younger children entering education for the first time. Classrooms can be filled with people you don’t know very well, surroundings you’re not used to and learning things that may get difficult at times. Here is how you can ensure your classroom is as welcoming as possible.

Wall Art

Artwork on the walls can be visually appealing to students, particularly those who may be a little more anxious than the rest and are looking for visual stimuli to help ease them into the lesson. Artwork on the walls from Gallerix can remain educational, with it being possible to focus on famous figures or prints that provide fun guides to relevant topics for the students. Gallerix provides high quality artworks in a wide variety of styles, all at an affordable price.


Making use of fun, vibrant colours can make things much less intimidating for younger children coming into the classroom. It can be common for classrooms to be decorated with standard colours such as white, so utilising different colours can create a more welcoming atmosphere. You could use different paper backings for display boards to make the space more expressive. You could also use borders around the walls to add appealing splashes of colour.


One part of making your classroom a more welcoming space for students would be to utilise accessories in your teaching. Using fun objects can help break the ice with new students and liven things up a bit. For instance, you could have fun objects that get passed to students when they wish to speak – and they must be holding the object to do so.